Video Marketing

You can get a Page 1 or 2 Video Ranking on Google in 10 days from now for only a few hundred £’s or your Money Back !

I cannot stress how effective this package is – especially in the area of Auctions, where niche marketing and promotion not only gives exposure to existing and potential customers – but also attracts more initial instructions.

Our existing customers are very excited by the major improvements and strengthening of their niche businesses, but the downside of that is the more successful we are – the more difficult it will be to rank similar goods and services in the future.

We have set a limited number of new clients that we can take on, and hopefully you will see your way to joining our core customer base.

We genuinely are at the cutting edge of video and web marketing in the UK in a most innovative way – and collaborate with a number of International Groups and Forums in the development of web/video marketing and for whom we sit on a number of development panels.

We are not in the business of creating expensive web sites or design fantasies – we are purely concerned with achieving ‘rapid’ Client growth and web exposure often achieved by Innovative and very Cost Effective ideas.

  • Video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google.
  • Video helps us to make informed decisions, it is immediate and is compelling.                 
  • Video fuels social media, and supercharges SEO.
  • Video can also, be the driver of increased sales and is infinitely measurable.

We have split our Video offering into 2 Packages…

A.     Which costs only £130 + VAT and offers:-

  • A 50 product Highlights Video of between 3-4 minutes..
  • The uploading to either your YouTube account or ours together with PR submissions to promote the Video on the WEB – giving it massive GOOGLE exposure quickly.
  • The ability to embed the video in your own site for additional PR and exposure and the potential to attach the
  • Video link to your own “mail-outs” – a very strong sales tool.

B.      Which costs only £320 + VAT and offers:-

  • A Sector Dominating Video, aimed at establishing your organisation in a Dominating Position on the Web. as well as achieving the tremendous exposure of YouTube and other Video Sites.
  • PR Web submissions & Additional Video submissions aimed at creating and strengthening your Video Ranking presence.
  • The ability to embed the video in your own site for additional PR and exposure and the potential to attach theVideo link to your own “mail-outs” – a very strong sales tool.
  • Work with you to mutually agree a Video and Web marketing strategy.. to achieve top ranking positions on GOOGLE – and Give a Money Back Guarantee of achieving the agreed target/s within 10 days.

Why 2 packages..

Package A,
is aimed at creating awareness as a one off for a specific ‘highlights’ of an Auction and is very effective in giving massive exposure. Taking it beyond the normal benefits, the items themselves are ‘searchable’ in their own right, not only on YouTube, but on the Web. However, to GOOGLE rank a fairly general keyword or series of keywords is difficult and to create and maintain a dominant presence over a period of time is therefore difficult. Package A is to boost and enhance your Auctions impact.

Package B,
has been created to give a Dominance in a particular area or theme,(i.e. a specific Auction sector) –and therefore a careful selection of keywords and objectives is agreed in a bespoke arrangement with clients. Once a mutual set of keyword objectives are agreed, we are then prepared to give a GUARANTEE of your Company’s ‘Promotional Video’ appearance within Pages 1 or 2 on an appropriate GOOGLE web search for only £320* within 10 days (total) or your money back !

We are so confident with the effectiveness of our solution, that we are offering these initial packages @ only £130* and £320* – in the belief they will genuinely change the way you think about web marketing – will not affect any pre-existing relationship with your Agency, Designer, friend or in-house associate.

The advantages of the ‘window of opportunity’ which arise from innovative web solutions come and go.. and at this time our current solution is both powerful and successful – how long for we cannot predict.. but currently we believe the solution we offer is the most successful and cost effective strategy in the marketplace and is currently the most innovative solution on offer – anywhere in the World !

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us on 01494 678 169 – or E-Mail us .. in 10 days or less, we can make a major difference to your business ! Please do call ….